Customer Service and Sales Specialist (metals)

  • Gothenburg

Department/Group: Customer Service – Order handling – Sales – Gothenburg office

Purpose of the office

The office covers the warehousing and logistics business of the Steinweg group in the Nordic countries. 

The office generates sales contracts in the capacity as Sales team [Metals] specifying the service, the sales price(s) and the applicable costs for the service by the Service Delivery Unit. The order requests are coordinated as a Customer Service team throughout the lifetime of the order – from order entry to completing the service, invoicing and does not end with the order entry alone.

For smaller deviations from the agreed services in the contract (e.g. extra load/discharge location, other discharge location) the Customer Services team is allowed to adjust the order and select the applicable extra costs that are set-up by the Service Delivery Units (which are in the case of Scandinavia more likely external subcontractors). 

Purpose of the role

The main purpose of the position is to quote the customer, establish and agreement and execute the handling of incoming service requests from customers and make sure customers receive the best possible advice and service from receipt of the service request at Steinweg up to the moment the service is completely fulfilled. 

The Customer Service team acts as the pivot point between Customers and Service execution and as such the they are the customer’s single-point-of-contact within Steinweg for all of their business. 

Main tasks & responsibilities

  • The capturing, advising and further coordinating of client service requests throughout the lifetime of the order within Steinweg, meaning that the customer service specialists acts as the single-point-of-contact for the various stakeholders, such as clients with whom the specialists maintains a close relationship, financing banks and other business partners, Steinweg Service Delivery Unit representatives on client relevant information from their processes (such as for example those with third parties and/or warehouse/other operational staff on orders that are ongoing – for example regarding the status of cargo that is trucked/shipped/loaded/discharged from a warehouse to a destination or providing updated order information to terminals and warehouses – and providing information on stock levels). Relevant information is provided by the Service Delivery Units through the operating system;
  • •Applying set guidelines for deviations to contracted services;
  • •Maintaining proper execution of business, including documentation requirements as per guidelines issued;
  • Informing clients of additional work and costs in the execution of work orders when these are attributable to the customer, including documentation of this in the system;
  • •Verifying that all orders are properly invoiced by the system;
  • •Issuing invoices and documenting reasons for doing so;
  • •Make sure reported quality issues are applied in the process of service execution by instructing service delivery unit counterparts of the reported issues;
  • •Resolve any queries of other specialists in the team relating to specific orders;
  • Contributing to a trusted work environment; • Encouraging and/or developing behaviors to represent Steinweg as one face to customers;


  • Client focused
    Investigating customer desires and needs and acting upon them. Anticipate customer needs. Give high priority to service and customer satisfaction.
  • Result driven
    Being actively focused on achieving results and goals and a willingness to intervene when results are disappointing.
  • Quality driven
    Set high standards for the quality of our services and act accordingly.
  • Disciplined
    Comply with the organization’s policy and/or procedure. In case of uncertainty or changes, seek confirmation from the appropriate authority.
  • Stress resistance
    Continue to perform effectively under time pressure, in the face of adversity, disappointment or backlash.
  • Co-operation
    Actively contribute to and joint result or problem solving, even when the collaboration involves an issue not directly of personal interest.

Qualifications, experience and educational requirements

  • Education: Good spoken and written English and Swedish, high school diploma, computer skills. It can be an advantage but it not a requirement to have a degree in logistics or supply chain management.
  • Experience: Starter / mid-career.
  • Knowledge: Work experience in the logistics sector. Commodity market knowledge is an advantage.