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E-mail fraud attempts

Rotterdam, Jul 2016 - Please be informed that our attention has been drawn to a recent surge in fraud attempts using e-mail addresses with formats that are slightly different from the standard that Steinweg uses. Our standard e-mail syntax is “[name]@[countrycode].steinweg.com”, so info@nl.steinweg.com with a DOT is a real Steinweg e-mail address. However an address like info@nl-steinweg.com with a Hyphen is not. And sometimes such fake e-mail address is only visible as the Reply-to Address.

These fraud attempts are not originating from Steinweg’s servers. Nevertheless we are constantly trying to shut down these domains which were registered with fraudulent intentions. At the same we urge our relations to be cautious from their side as well, including adjusting their spam-filters to stop such fraudulent e-mail traffic.

The perpetrators use these false addresses to send e-mails in which they suggest that we have new bank accounts and that funds should be redirected to such account. We as Steinweg herewith state that we will never use this means of communication to notify to our customers that we have new bank accounts. 

In case you receive messages which raise doubts, please double check this with us, your local account manager, your local Steinweg office or info@nl.steinweg.com.