Our 5 themes as a partner in logistics

As a partner in logistics to companies all over the world, we are loyal to our business relations. We value long-term relationships in which we can build upon each other. Reliability is essential in our profession and in all areas of our business. We guarantee the level of service provided from Steinweg Group by adhering to five core pillars: sustainability, quality, security, food safety, health, safety & environment (HSE). Why in particular these five pillars and how do we achieve them? We are happy to tell you more about the way we work.

Sustainable business operations

At Steinweg, we believe that sustainability should be an integral part of everything we do. As a global organization, we understand and accept our responsibility in reducing harmful emissions and contributing to a low-carbon economy. Both at a globally group level and regionally wherever possible, we seek to make sustainable choices. For example, we strive to use as little energy as possible and for the energy we do use, we opt for green options within the available possibilities.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond protecting the environment. We also recognize the importance of social responsibility. We believe this is about inclusion, diversity, equality, providing good working conditions and a safe workplace (physically and emotionally) for all our employees.

In short, at Steinweg we aim to care for the needs of our people, our stakeholders, and the environment. In this way, we hope to contribute to the global transition of a low-carbon economy, whilst serving the interests of our customers, employees, and local communities.

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pillar Steinweg: sustainability
Photo: Paul Martens Multimedia. Steinweg Parmentierplein terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (including solar panels)

The best quality for satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is key to Steinweg’s success. How do we guarantee this? With the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last 175 years. That experience has laid a strong foundation, however, also realize that we cannot just rely on our history. Therefore, to stay up to date ahead of the game we are continuously improving our processes and systems. By doing this it enables us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure our customers’ products and raw materials arrive at the right time, in the right condition and at the right destination. We do this whilst complying with relevant international / local regulations and specific customer requirements. Care and precision being crucial to our work. In support of this we invest in the best people and technology as quality assurance is a dynamic process that requires constant attention and improvement.

The safety of people, goods, and food

We take safety very seriously, meaning the safety of the goods we store and transship, the safety of our people and of course food safety. Resources and procedures guarantee this safety. In this way we protect people and stock against possible accidents, damage, fire, theft, and destruction. Each country has its own security policy that takes local threats and risks into account and these policies are underpinned with relevant certifications to support the safety we offer. When it comes to food safety, we understand the sensitivity of working with raw materials and food and the need to have understanding of the associated risks per type of food, country, and service. Our strict procedures ensure that food we process is done in a safe and compliant manner.

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pillar Steinweg: food safety
Photo: Peter van Geest. Steinweg location Beneluxhaven in Rotterdam, the Netherlands- peanut butter factory.

In practice: who does what?

We hope that the above makes it clear that these five pillars are essential for Steinweg Group. So much for the theory on paper, what does it actually look like in practice? Who is responsible for the various systems and processes that guarantee Steinweg’s services? In a series of articles that will follow we will show you just that and as a result you can get to understand more about our working methods and above all else our people. After all, it is our people that are the core to being a successful logistics service provider. People are the driving force behind Steinweg.

Published on: 16 May 2023