Code of Conduct

Steinweg Group enjoys a noteworthy reputation for pursuing a commercial approach built on honesty and integrity, taking account of the interests of all those who may be affected by its activities. Our reputation is of inestimable value – just as valuable, in fact, as the quality of the staff we employ and services we provide. Our primary aim is to be a successful company. That means investing in growth and balancing short- and long-term interests. But it also means considering the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and indeed the world in which we live.

To be successful, we must all maintain the highest standards of conduct. These standards are defined in the general principles enshrined in this Code. In October 2023 the C. Steinweg Group’s Board of Directors updated and reaffirmed these general principles. They will be used as a basis for more detailed guidelines targeted at individual countries and companies in our Group. However, the standards contained in those detailed guidelines will not be less strict than those set down in this Code.

We want this Code of Conduct to be more than simply a collection of fine words. It must play a practical role in our day-to-day business; we all need to adhere both to its meaning and its spirit.

U.M. Boll, CEO C. Steinweg Group

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