Chemicals & Plastics

Handling and shipping chemicals and plastics requires special care, not only because of their properties but also because they are subject to government legislation. With our well trained, certified and highly experienced staff, Steinweg is a specialist when it comes to chemicals and plastics.

High safety standards
All our warehouses comply with the highest quality and safety standards for the storage of chemicals. As a result, we can store IMO-classified, non-IMO-classified and GMP+ temperature-sensitive products amongst others. 

Advanced extinguishing systems
Our warehouses are also built according to SEVESO III and PGS 15 standards. As well as normal storage facilities, our wide range of warehouses includes locations with specialised extinguishing systems using high-expansion foam inside air, high-expansion foam outside air and nitrogen. This allows us to store your high-volume chemical products in a safe and controlled environment.

Safety certifications
It goes without saying that both our operational activities and administrative systems comply with strict national and international regulations related to the handling, storage and transport of chemicals and plastics. As well as complying with international transport legislation such as IMO, ADR/RID and ICAO, along with procedures according to our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001, SQAS, AEO and Ecovadis certifications, we have an additional Safety Control System that protects our people and the environment.

Our main services for chemicals and plastics include:

  • Warehousing
  • Physical distribution & freight forwarding
  • Packing, repacking & debagging
  • Filling
  • Customs clearance
  • Local, national and international container haulage
  • Labelling including barcoding
  • Palletising including wrapping, strapping and other solutions for securing cargo

More information

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