Steinweg is, with its one-hundred seventy-five years in existence, a global operator & responsible and trusted partner throughout the value-chain of our customers. Therefore a sustainable performance is a must.

Currently we are all facing the potential catastrophic consequences of climate change. As a global organization, we understand and embrace that we have a responsibility to minimize and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and work towards a low-carbon economy worldwide. It is our responsibility and ambition to not only adhere or focus on the environmental domain of sustainability, but to harmonize it with other sustainability matters such as social responsibility.

With many sustainability initiatives related to governance, the social & environmental domain already set in place by our local or regional entities, we are now in the process of harmonizing all of our initiatives into a Group effort to ensure that our performance does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

General Information & our projects

In the various countries where Steinweg is located, it is working hard to achieve its various goals. Take a look at these countries and see the various projects in the field of Sustainability, as well as in other areas.