Shoulder to Shoulder: ARG International x Steinweg

In the metal trade, a strong collaboration is invaluable. In 2013, Matt Lucke decided to leave the large company Glencore and start his own business: ARG International. His first call was to Steinweg. Jan Hein Moors of Base Metals supported him during this exciting transition and continues to do so to this day.

‘Steinweg is more than a partner. It’s truly an extension of my company!’ If you are looking for a successful collaboration, you don’t need to look any further. The bond between Matt and Jan Hein began 17 years ago when the two met in San Diego. Since then, they have enjoyed working together. ‘Jan is a good golf instructor,’ Matt says with a laugh. Jan Hein feels at ease with international clients. A few years after joining Steinweg, he moved to the United States to work at the international Steinweg location for over twenty years. He is now back at the port of Rotterdam, assisting clients from around the world.

Matt Lucke

From Large to Small

In the early days, Jan Hein was there for Matt and his colleagues. Support they greatly needed. ‘I had no idea what I was getting into, suddenly I had to do everything myself. At my previous job, I only dealt with trading.’ A big challenge where Jan Hein’s knowledge came in handy. Matt was surprised by Steinweg in this regard. ‘As a smaller company, there’s always the fear that you’ll be considered less important. But they never gave me less attention because I wasn’t as big as Glencore, for instance.’ For Jan Hein, this is self-evident. ‘Steinweg is a large company with more than 6,200 employees, but even a company of six employees like ARG International is a significant client for us. That connection remains important.’

Jan Hein Moors

Never Disappointed by Steinweg

When trading in aluminum, there is little room to think long-term. You react quickly to the market and try to seize opportunities. These opportunities can be found all over the world, and Matt is supported by Steinweg in this regard. ‘We wanted to explore our options in Istanbul. With Jan Hein’s help, I quickly got in touch with someone on site who could answer all my questions.’ Jan Hein finds it important that his clients go to the market well informed. ‘I want to make sure they can make the best decision, so I ensure the best people are on the other end of the line.’ After eleven years with Steinweg, Matt is still impressed by the employees. ‘They always find the most skilled people worldwide. I have never been disappointed by Steinweg.’

Investing in Employees

Whether there are 6,200 or six employees, both Steinweg and ARG International take good care of their employees. ‘Matt has so much knowledge and shares it with his colleagues. They always come to the table well prepared. The communication is excellent, so you never get in each other’s way.’ Matt especially sees it at the annual party that Steinweg holds for its clients and employees during the London Metal Exchange conference. ‘They have the best parties! They really make an effort to make it fun with a theme. Many companies don’t do that, they don’t invest in their staff. Steinweg does and that’s why you see a lot of employees from all over the world there.’ Jan Hein is also present every year. ‘Ten thousand people from the industry come to that conference. We always threw a party for the big traders, but we also do it for the smaller companies and the logistics. They’re great parties.’

Steinweg Will Always Be There

This year, Jan Hein celebrates 35 years at Steinweg. Like many colleagues, he has passed the Steinweg virus to his children. ‘My son works in field service at Base Metals and my daughter is in Baltimore, where I once was.’ According to Matt, this proves why Steinweg is such a good company. ‘If Jan Hein came home every night complaining about his work, his children would stay far away from it. Steinweg has great talent and knows how to retain it.’ After all these years, Jan Hein is still proud of his work. ‘It’s the personal relationships, like the one with Matt, which I value so much. They develop into precious friendships. That makes the work so enjoyable.’ Matt also trusts that not only Jan Hein but also Steinweg will always be there for him. ‘In my work, it’s crucial to work with someone who has such a strong global presence. I have complete confidence in our collaboration and am not afraid that it will disappear. Steinweg was and always will be there.’

Published on: 8 July 2024