Steinweg’s vision: trust as the driving force for growth

Discover how Steinweg, with a global storage capacity of millions of tons of cargo, not only facilitates logistics but also strives for sustainability and innovation. Ulf Boll, CEO of the Steinweg Group, explains why reliability, efficiency, and collaboration are essential aspects for the quality, success, and growth of Steinweg.

”Trust is the foundation of our operations”

In the logistics sector, Steinweg plays a crucial role as a reliable partner and storage provider for various industries. With a global storage capacity worth billions of euros, Steinweg’s role is similar to that of a financial institution. Ulf Boll is the CEO of the Steinweg Group, and he explains that the quality of Steinweg’s services relies on three essential aspects: reliability, efficiency, and collaboration. These themes are interconnected. “Trust is the foundation of our operations. Therefore, we do everything in our power to protect the reputation of our clients and ourselves. While costs are important, the damage to reputation and loss of trust weigh heavier. We must ensure that we strike the right balance between costs, efficiency, and reliability.”

Steinweg's visie: vertrouwen als drijvende kracht voor groei
Ulf Boll, CEO C. Steinweg Group

The essence of reliability

The efficiency with which Steinweg operates is at the core of its reliability, including efficient loading and unloading of ships and clear communication with clients. “Think of it as making hamburgers. Anyone can make a hamburger, but it’s much harder to produce 100,000 identical ones in quality every day. That requires a consistent approach. Efficiency is crucial in this sector. A similar principle applies to companies like McDonald’s and Amazon, both of which operate incredibly efficiently to optimize their logistics processes.”

He explains that Steinweg’s role goes beyond logistics. “We need to share knowledge, collaborate, and help each other improve the industry as a whole. Expanding our network and entering new markets is a continuous challenge. It means listening to the needs of our clients and partners, understanding local challenges, and creating solutions together. This requires a combination of global knowledge and local presence. I often travel to understand what’s happening on the ground and personally engage in projects.”

Thinking in solutions

Steinweg facilitates the entire logistics process for its clients, from collecting goods in different countries to efficiently storing and transporting them. To address logistical challenges faced by clients, Steinweg is willing to go the extra mile. “Our focus is on providing solutions, not just offering services. A good example is our project in Congo, where we are revitalizing an old railway to provide a more reliable and faster transportation option. This approach is essential for building trust with our clients and partners.”

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New railway between Ndola en Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Green and Sustainability: a deep perspective

Sustainability is an important and growing theme for Steinweg. “We cannot deny that the history of human activities has had a massive impact on the environment and natural resources. In the past, Europe was largely covered in forests. A squirrel could easily climb from the area that is now the Baltic Sea to the North Sea through the forest. That is unthinkable now. This history reminds us that our current prosperity is not without consequences for the environment, and we must critically consider the consequences of our actions.”

Sustainability at Steinweg is not just about compliance with regulations but about a profound cultural change. It involves making conscious choices, listening to the needs of clients and partners, and embracing innovations that have the potential to make a real difference. “At its core, sustainability is about making ethical choices and taking responsibility for our actions. Sustainability also encompasses diversity and inclusion. We reflect on the impact we have on the environment and society and actively take steps to bring about positive change. Our goal is a world where prosperity and sustainability go hand in hand, where profit-making is not at the expense of the environment but in harmony with it.”

”Technology can be a powerful ally”

Another aspect of sustainability is the role of technological advancement, he argues. “Technology can be a powerful ally in achieving sustainability goals. The use of technological solutions like data analysis, automation, and transparent information flows can help optimize processes and reduce waste. A notable example is improving the visibility and traceability of goods in logistics chains, leading to increased efficiency and accountability.” However, while technology holds promise, there are also challenges. “Data infrastructure must be reliable and secure, and innovations must be affordable and accessible to all stakeholders. Bridging the digital divide and ensuring that the benefits of technology are available to everyone are critical points in achieving sustainable development.”

Vision for the future

Ulf explains that the future of Steinweg is shaped by two directions: “Excelling in what we already do and exploring new paths. We not only want to be successful but also take responsibility for the impact of our activities. Success comes with challenges and sometimes even making mistakes, but that doesn’t deter us from always striving for improvement, even if it means taking risks.”

Published on: 19 October 2023