The growth and dedication of Steinweg Delta Marine Terminal (SDMT) in Moerdijk

In the world of logistics and shipping, the name Steinweg is inextricably linked with Rotterdam. With multiple terminals and the headquarters being in Rotterdam, it is a natural focal point. However, there is another important location nearby: Moerdijk. Here, you will find Steinweg Delta Marine Terminal (SDMT), a success story that, as Managing Director Amy Langley describes, operates as a ‘mini version of Rotterdam’.

Strategic acquisition in Moerdijk in 2014

Steinweg acquired the SDMT location in 2014. It was a strategic choice due to its close proximity to both Rotterdam and Antwerp. The location offers excellent access to waterways and is close to important highways, making it perfect for the distribution of domestic and international freight. Although the terminal was not flourishing at the time of the being acquired, SDMT has since experienced significant growth in recent years, as Amy explains. “Rotterdam, of course, is central, with the headquarters of Steinweg being located there, but the potential of Moerdijk is also recognized, and I’m very pleased with that. Our strategic location offers us unique opportunities as we are one of the few stevedoring companies in the area with access to both shipping and inland traffic. As has been witnessed in recent years Moerdijk is a good base for the growing distribution centers in the vicinity.”

The name Steinweg Delta Marine Terminal carries historical significance. It was previously known as ‘Delta Marine Terminal’ before Steinweg took it over. “When we acquired the terminal, we retained the ‘Delta Marine’ part in the name for continuity and brand consistency.”

The growth and dedication of Steinweg Delta Marine Terminal (SDMT) in Moerdijk
SDMT, 2023

Services offered by SDMT

Regarding the services provided by SDMT, Amy says, “We consider ourselves a mini version of Rotterdam and offer a variety of services. We have three focus areas. Firstly, we handle bulk products, and more specifically, we have an on-site production line where we package bulk into big bags and 25 kg bags. Secondly, we handle bags of minerals and feed products for the agriculture and animal feed industry (we are GMP+ certified). Finally, we operate an inland shipping and container terminal/depot for large container shippers and carriers, unloading, storing, and loading containers destined for local and international markets.”

Remarkable growth

Much to the satisfaction of Amy and her team, SDMT has experienced significant growth in recent years, “Our bulk handling has increased from around 40,000 tons per year to approximately 110,000 tons per year. We have also seen growth in our container activities, mainly due to our collaboration with a major supermarket chain and their distribution centers in Moerdijk.”

And all of this has been achieved with a relatively small and close-knit team. “We have approximately 45 employees in Moerdijk, including both office and stevedoring staff. These colleagues are mainly dedicated to the Moerdijk area and have been with us for a long time. They form a close-knit team, which contributes to our success.” Amy mentions that loyalty and collaboration characterize the company culture of SDMT. “We really do it together. Everyone is valued and contributes. If someone needs a helping hand, everyone is willing to pitch in. This was especially witnessed during the COVID-19 period, that mentality really came to the fore. We worked safely and were there for each other.”

Strategic changes for sustainable growth

To achieve this growth, Amy and her team have implemented some key changes. The most important was redefining the focus in Moerdijk. This required making various choices. “One of the significant changes was shifting our focus. We took the decision to step away from handling bulk products that were not compatible with our location. Instead, we focused on breakbulk and project cargoes, bulk products that are suitable for the terminal, and container handling. This diversification, along with targeted investments, has allowed us to enhance our terminal, create efficiency, increase our productivity and our safety culture on site.”

The growth and dedication of Steinweg Delta Marine Terminal (SDMT) in Moerdijk
SDMT, 2023

SDMT’s long-term vision

Amy is determined to consolidate and further expand the position of SDMT. “Our long-term goals include retaining our existing customer base, attracting new customers, and maintaining competitiveness in the market. We also focus on developing the skills of our employees because our industry requires a well-trained workforce.” Amy also discusses the importance of making the supply and logistics sector more attractive to the next generation. “Together with the Steinweg Group, we actively promote the industry to students and the broader community. We emphasize the importance of the supply and logistics chain to generate interest and awareness. We show that there are opportunities for everyone, for both men and women.”

“It’s a testament to dedication and hard work”

As a female leader in a male-dominated industry Amy herself is a great example of this. She isn’t consciously focused on that, but she does realize that it’s quite unique, and that she is an example for others. Amy is especially proud of what she has achieved with her team. “As a director, I have been given a lot of freedom and responsibility, which I appreciate. Looking back on my time in this role, I sometimes underestimate the significance of what we have accomplished. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. I think we have successfully weathered challenging times, including the COVID-19 pandemic. We have emerged stronger and more stable. I’m proud of what we have achieved.”

Published on: December 2023