Women in logistics: meet the pioneers at Steinweg

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women and our ongoing pursuit of equality and diversity. This article highlights four different women. Meet Jennifer (Singapore), Samantha (Netherlands), Derin (Turkey), and Gelila (USA). Discover how each of them contributes to the advancement of Steinweg and the logistics sector within their respective areas of expertise.

Jennifer: Digital Marketing and Customer Success Manager at Steinweg Online

Jennifer Chen, based in Singapore, adds value to the Steinweg team as the Digital Marketing and Customer Success Manager for Steinweg Online. Her main goal is to create a user-friendly and effective online environment for Steinweg Online customers. “I assist customers in understanding and independently using the platform. We aim for it to be clear and effective, so customers can quickly find the information they need”, explains Jennifer. She closely collaborates with customers from around the world, from the United States to Chile and back to Asia and Europe. “I listen to customer feedback and work with my team to continuously improve the platform.”

Jennifer Chen

Though Jennifer is modest about her contribution, she is a key player in the success of Steinweg Online. She aims for efficiency in operational processes and focuses on providing real-time tracking and transparency for customers. “My vision is based on the principle of ‘human before technology’. I focus on understanding and fulfilling customer needs with simple and practical solutions. This approach is characteristic of Steinweg, just like the speed at which we operate. If a customer wants a feature customized, we seek to immediately start working on it with our developers. Often, we realize new features within two weeks. All to make it as easy and efficient as possible for the customer.”

Jennifer sees a promising future for Steinweg Online. She is determined to continue improving and expanding the platform to meet the changing needs of customers. “On one hand, we standardize as many processes as possible within Steinweg, which improves efficiency. On the other hand, with the platform, we also choose the strategy to personalize as much as possible. Each customer uses it in their own way, and we want to accommodate that.” She sees her role as a facilitator and connector between customers, the team, and technological possibilities. With her expertise and dedication, Jennifer continues to work towards realizing this vision for Steinweg Online.

Samantha: Technical Department in the Netherlands

Samantha Springvloed

Samantha Springvloed, a down-to-earth lady from Schiedam, has been active in the Technical Department of Steinweg Netherlands for two years. As the back office of the Technical Department, she ensures a seamless operation, which involves various tasks. “This includes drafting and sending schedules, informing the evening shift about service locations, arranging staffing for weekend work, managing sickness and recovery notifications, handling orders and invoices, receiving fault reports, and overseeing technicians and external parties. The most important thing is that everything runs smoothly so that the technicians can focus on their tasks and the operation can proceed unhindered”, Samantha adds.

Samantha finds her involvement with the mechanics natural, but her open approach makes her a valuable point of contact for the team on the floor: “If they have a problem or need supplies, they can come to us. We are always ready to help and ensure that everything runs smoothly.” Samantha is not only involved but also attentive, a trait that shines in this role. “For example, I also keep track of all the training and ensure that the mechanics have the correct certifications. This way, they can safely do their work.”

Derin: Project Cargo Specialist in Turkey

Derin Öztürk works as a Project Cargo Specialist at Steinweg Turkey. Her tasks encompass two main aspects: managing oversized cargo and overseeing warehouse operations at four locations in Turkey. Derin ensures that project cargoes arrive at their destination promptly and seamlessly. She explains: “On a typical workday, I’m busy arranging and organizing, often in collaboration with other parties such as ship owners, truck drivers, and port workers. My task is to coordinate everything effectively, ensuring, for example, that deliveries of zinc and copper are on time.”

Derin Öztürk

She emphasizes the importance of timely coordination, particularly in managing oversized cargo and port operations. It can sometimes be quite stressful, but at the same time, it’s precisely what makes her work so fascinating, she says. “I must organize and coordinate everything on time, both on land and in port areas. When everything falls into place, it gives me a satisfying feeling.” To excel in her work, she relies on a network of reliable partners in logistics. “Cultivating a network of dependable logistic partners worldwide has not only been pivotal for my professional success but has also opened doors to a fascinating world of diverse cultures and people. It’s this aspect of my work- the opportunity to connect with a multitude of individuals and cultures – that is one of its most rewarding dimensions.”

Gelila: Commercial Manager in the USA

Gelila Menbere serves as the Commercial Manager at Steinweg USA in Baltimore. She oversees the commercial department, supervising expediters, handling daily operational tasks, and focusing on attracting and maintaining customer relationships. “To understand our customers well, effective communication is essential. We are in frequent contact with our customers. I also attend relevant conferences and networking events to gather insights and build relationships. This helps me stay in touch with our target audience and stay informed about logistics developments and economic changes that impact our business strategy.”

Gelila Menbere

Her role is challenging and dynamic, encountering unexpected challenges regularly, which keep her engaged and sharpen her problem-solving skills. Gelila emphasizes the importance of swift responses to situations: “Customers expect immediate solutions to unexpected situations or issues, and we deliver on that expectation. At Steinweg, we are highly customer-oriented and flexible.” Looking ahead, Gelila aims for team growth and expansion of operations in the US, while also fostering employee satisfaction and promoting growth opportunities within the company.

The stories of Jennifer, Samantha, Derin, and Gelila illustrate the diverse and inclusive nature of Steinweg. As a forward-thinking company, we look at talent and expertise regardless of gender. These women are not only inspiring individuals but also valuable members of our team, each contributing in their own way to our mission of quality and innovation in logistics.

Published on: March 8th