Forklift Operator (USA)

  • Baltimore

For the Pier in Baltimore (USA) we are looking for a:

Forklift Operator

Level: Hourly
Exempt: Yes
Shift: 8am – 5pm + overtime as needed
Department: Pier
Reports to: Pier or Shipping Supervisor

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Working environment:

You will be required to work outside; working in different weather conditions. Example: rain, snow, cold, or hot temperatures. The only exception is lightning; then we are on standby until it passes over.  You may be required to work in the warehouse when the pier is not busy.

Safety Requirements:

You are required to wear safety gear at all times while on the job. We will provide hardhats, safety vests, gloves, and goggles as required. You are expected to report to work properly dressed in uniforms, work boots, rain gear, and/or winter gear. We provide lockers with combination locks to keep your gear and uniforms here, so all clothing and gear must be kept in lockers.

Working Hours:

The regular work hours are 8am – 5pm. When a vessel is in; everyone is required to work overtime, when applicable, which may include working Saturday and Sunday. If you work in shipping, all trucks must be loaded before you leave.

Forklift assignment:

You will be assigned your own forklift. You will be required to inspect and fill out daily maintenance reports. It is your responsibility to note any and all damages and report them to the supervisor. As well as fuel your forklift when needed. During the unloading of a vessel your forklift may be required to facilitate in the discharging; then you will be assigned another forklift until the discharging is done.

Forklift material handling:

Whether you are assigned to outbound shipping or ship discharge; you must be able to:

  • Run freight to designated area; using sound judgment; be able to stack it according to supervisor’s requirements.
  • Recoup any broken bundles and band them using tools and proper safety gear.
  • Load or unload trucks, containers, or railcars with a proper size forklift in a reasonable time period.
  • Take a work order and correctly pull and stage/load freight, and then sign off on work order when completed. Noting that everything on the work order is completed. If required by work order, you must be able to tally loads prior to shipping; recording heat nos. and weight.    

Other duties and responsibilities:

  • Keep working area clean by picking up all trash, banding, and debris.
  • Advanced MSDS Training, marking material, grid system.
  • Damage and loss control
  • Housekeeping and securing of facilities

Skills Required:

  • Must be able to operate 6,000-10,000 lb. Linde forklifts. With several years experience in material handling; knowing the capacity as well as the limitations of the forklift you are driving.
  • Must have basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills to be able to record information from material received onto tally sheet or loading manifest. As well as load trucks from a work order generated from the office. And be able to identify material unloaded from the vessel with the help of the discharge report.
  • Must have the ability to recoup bundles of ingots weighting up to 55 lbs. each and to use the banding tools to band them together.
  • Must be able to handle ships gear for loading/unloading of the vessel. Such as pans, chains, nylon straps, copper & t-bar clamps, chockers, & other cables.
  • Must have flexibility with job assignments, because of the nature of the business you may find yourself doing different assignments from day to day.

Performance Measures:

  1. Productivity
  2. Attendance
  3. Safety
  4. Work Habits

Operating Approach:

Consistent with the C. Steinweg (USA)’s vision, mission and values as a seamless company with uniform core values, this position will be evaluated on certain non-quantitative measures.  These core values include:

  1. Customer driven focus
  2. Personal ownership and accountability
  3. Calculated risk taking
  4. Energetic approach
  5. Eager to change
  6. Look for innovation
  7. Strive for continuous improvement
  8. Communication
  9. Respect
  10. Integrity
  11. Excellence
  12. Commitment
  13. Teamwork

Pre-employment Requirements:

All employment offers are contingent upon the applicant passing a pre-employment physical examination, drug screen and criminal background check.