Enhanced Port Efficiency with the New Nacala Bulk Grain Terminal

The new Nacala Bulk Grain Terminal, currently being constructed by Mitrelli-Udoyen, is set to revolutionize the efficiency in handling bulk grain shipments.

Accommodating Larger Vessels

The port’s natural deep water is critical factor in enhancing efficiency. The Nacala Bulk Grain Terminal will be capable of accommodating vessels of up to 55,000-DWT. This capacity not only increases the volume of grain that can be handled per vessel but also reduces docking downtime by about 50%. Larger vessels mean fewer trips, less congestion, and more efficient use of port resources.

Supporting Food Security and Market Supply

The increased efficiency of the Nacala Bulk Grain Terminal aligns with the strategic objectives of the Government of Mozambique. By boosting the country’s grain reserve capacity, the terminal plays a crucial role in enhancing food security. Additionally, the improved logistics will ensure a steady and reliable supply of grain to the domestic market, supporting local agriculture and food industries.

A Vision for the Future

The new Nacala Bulk Grain Terminal represents a significant step towards achieving the vision of a more efficient and effective port operation. We look forward to the completion of this project and the numerous benefits it will bring to operations and the broader community.

The future of port efficiency is here, and we are proud to be a part of this transformative journey.