Since the start of the training, the Feder8 Team has encouraged the sending of feedback around the training. A lot of feedback was received and ideas exchanged. The topic that came up most of the time was the Language in which the training was taking place. The training initially started in English – but after the first week, we had to review that approach because of the Hamburg audience. The Feder8 Team together with a lot of colleagues worked on trying to find the best solution to bridge the language gap. The language of the training was switched to mainly German and a translation App was tested to further assist. After this adjustment was made and the Translation App tested, it was clear that the translation App was not adequate and the training language of the training needed to be reverted to English, as the majority of the audience (trainers included) required English information sharing

The training will now continue to be in its majority English but German-speaking attendants can still interact or raise questions in their own language. The Feder8 Team has ensured that a German-speaking consultant from Westernacher is always present and the Hamburg office will have someone who can support them too.

Due to the more interactive nature of the current and future trainings, we believe the language barrier will be better overcome.