Sohar signs expansion agreement with General Cargo Terminal Operator C. Steinweg Oman LLC

Suhar, June 14 2022: SOHAR Port and Freezone has signed an agreement with C. Steinweg Oman LLC (CSO) which will see the General Cargo Terminal Operator expand its storage area with 27 hectares (270,000 m2), in order to anticipate further growth, amongst others to facilitate the growing demand for minerals. The expansion agreement represents a further investment in SOHAR Port and Freezone by the C. Steinweg Group and further strengthens SOHAR’s position as the leading export facility for minerals.

The signing ceremony was held at SOHAR Port and Freezone and attended by C. Steinweg Group CEO, Ulf Boll; C. Steinweg – Handelsveem B.V. CEO, Peter Pesselse; C. Steinweg Middle East & India, Managing Director Christophe van Loon and C. Steinweg Oman CEO, Hendrik van Mierop, as well as SOHAR Port CEO, Mark Geilenkirchen and senior management. The new storage facilities are expected to be completed in four months and fully operational in Q4 2022.

Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of SOHAR Port and Freezone, said, “This agreement adds to our capacity to meet growing demand for minerals across the region and solidifies SOHAR’s position as a major global cargo terminal. In 2021, SOHAR exported more than 37 mln tons of dry bulk cargo. With demand continuing to soar, C. Steinweg Oman and SOHAR will be in a prime position to serve the needs of the market, as well as Oman’s ongoing diversification and the development of mega projects across the region. The continuous expansion of SOHAR Port and Freezone has created new opportunities for more throughput within the 27-hectare site, along with more employment and additional investment in the complex as we progress towards becoming the leading industrial hub in the region.” 

Hendrik van Mierop, CEO of C. Steinweg Oman LLC, added, “Adding 27 hectares of additional storage space to our facility at SOHAR Port and Freezone shows the growth potential of Oman, while serving more and more markets around the world. Situated between key markets in the East and the West, SOHAR offers a unique strategic advantage which is of global significance to the entire C. Steinweg Group. We are very pleased to expand our premises within SOHAR Port and build on the success we have enjoyed since handling the very first vessel to visit SOHAR Port in 2004. At C. Steinweg Oman, we have continuously focused on increasing our efficiency, by investing in equipment, training our people and improving processes. This has always resulted in cost-effective logistics solutions for our clients. Since our start, we have grown alongside SOHAR Port and Freezone, expanding in berth capacity, storage space and handling equipment. Adding this additional storage capacity, allows us to facilitate further growth for the clients, as well as for our company, for SOHAR Port and for Oman in general. 

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Source: Sohar Port and Freezone