Subsidiary Marcor’s first Liebherr LHM 800e crane!

This week many Marcor employees delivered a great job with landing our eagerly awaited new mobile harbor crane onto shore at the Hartel Terminal. 

Marcor’s first Liebherr LHM 800e , with its 64m reach and peak capacity exceeding 2,000 tons per hour, perfectly alligns with our bulk, bagged and containerized stevedoring operations.

The crane is not only unique in its performance and capabilities. It is also the first of its kind to operate fully electrified.       

To UWL and the crew of MV Bravewind, we salute you for her safe voyage and good cooperation during discharge.  

Now we look forward to work with the team of Liebherr to commission this beauty in the upcoming weeks. 

We cannot wait to handle some serious tons with Liebherr in the years to come.  First with this first crane, and towards the end of this year with its brother!

Take a look at the video down below.