Tanzania Transporter Strike

On 23 July 2022 the government issued a press release on actions that were taken to

address drivers’ complaints on trip allowance. The press release stated that the minimum trip allowance for the DRC should be TZS 700,000 per trip and overstay of 10 USD per day, after 20days of delay. Return allowance to be TZS 330,000 and return loading to be 170 USD.

Drivers seemed not to concur with the minister’s statement and on 24 July 2022 there were rumours that on 25 July 2022 all drivers in Tanzania were to strike, to send message to the government to re-address their needs.

On 24 July 2022 Government released another statement, requesting drivers not to strike, branded the strike as “unlawful” and advised that serious actions will be taken against those who co-ordinate and take participate in this strike.

On 25 July 2022 at 06:00 AM strikes have been reported in various parts of Tanzania.

Areas that reportedly have groups of drivers threatening others are:

Dodoma, Misusugu-Kibaha, Tunduma, Kurasini Depot, Isaka-Shinyanga & Kahama.

Injuries and damages to trucks have been reported in some areas.