Steinweg in Baltimore has the proper infrastructure and experience to handle consignments ranging from a few hundred kilos, such as rare earths arriving by air, or a 20,000 m/t break bulk parcel of any base metal arriving on a single vessel.

Two of our warehouses are located on North Point / Sparrows Point corridor to the east of Baltimore City, close to the port’s two container terminals and primarily serve our customers with containerized cargo. Of the other 2 facilities, one, Wallace Street, acts as both a warehouse and a transit shed as it is located on the marine terminal, and the other, East Fort Avenue, is immediately next door and handles break-bulk parcels from the marine terminal.  

The specification of each warehouse is illustrated below

Wallace St. East Fort Avenue 4505 North Point Blvd. 2012 Resevoir Road
Buildings 3 3 1 2
Warehouse 132.060 sq ft 302.869 sq ft 238.000 sq ft 360.000 sq ft
Total 12.269 sq mt 28.137 sq mt 22.111 sq mt 33.445 sq mt
Size 9 acres 12 acres 17 acres 34 acres
Total 3.642 hectares 4.856 hectares 7.284 hectares 13.760 hectares
Foreign Trade Zone Rail Rail Rail Rail

Steinweg can also handle cargoes outside of Baltimore, using for storage its local warehouse providers in Toledo Ohio, Houston, Long Beach etc.. Inquiries in regard to this service and other services in Toledo should be directed to our Baltimore office.

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