Stockinvest, a subsidiary of the C. Steinweg Group, is one of the biggest suppliers of roasted peanuts and peanut paste in Europe. Our produce is sold throughout Europe and is used in a variety of products including: peanut butter, snacks, confectionary, sauces, ready to eat meals and products supporting food aid programs.

We are proud suppliers to some of the major food brands in Europe and strive to provide a high quality product produced with the utmost of care.


At this Steinweg location, peanuts are being stored, cleaned and processed into finished products, such as peanut butter. At the Beneluxhaven there is 12.500 m2 temperature controlled warehouse for peanuts.

135000 m2

Total size

49000 m2

Covered warehouse



Parmentierplein 1
3088 GN Rotterdam
The Netherlands