Third Party Code of Conduct

At C. Steinweg Group, we are working with many of the world’s largest organizations related to logistics and warehousing activities. Steinweg is committed to operating within a framework of ethical and professional standards, laws, regulations, internal policies, and our core values.

We expect the same level of integrity and business conduct from our Third Parties and their personnel as we do our own people. These standards are explained in our Third-Party Code of Conduct.

Knowing, understanding, and behaving according to the Third-Party Code of Conduct is a fundamental requirement to working for or with Steinweg.

If you are a Third Party to Steinweg and come across a situation that may be inconsistent with our Third-Party Code, we encourage you to seek guidance from those within Steinweg designated as responsible for your services or contact Steinweg’s Corporate Compliance Manager at

We value the courage it takes to raise concerns and will review/investigate reported concerns raised by our Third Parties.

Download Third Party Code of Conduct