Whistleblowing Policy

The Dutch Whistleblower Protection Act has entered into force on February 18, 2023 to implement the EU-Directive. C. Steinweg Group strives to maintain a transparent business climate, high business ethics and to comply with EU directives and national laws. We want to foster a transparent (business) climate and a high level of (business) ethics, and thus maintain trust in our business and operations.

We have adapted our policy to the new requirements and we have provided all employees, contractors and external stakeholders with a means of reporting suspicions of misconduct, to alert us about serious risks of wrongdoing affecting people, our organization, the society or the environment. We offer a global channel for anonymous communication, which is provided by an external partner, WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre, to ensure your anonymity.

The whistleblowing service makes wrongdoings less likely to occur in the first place and shows our commitment to operate in a fair way. We allow no retaliation against a person that sends a whistleblower message in good faith. You can find more information about whistleblower in the new version of the Whistleblowing Policy.

The reporting channel can be accessed on any device, including smart phones, here.

Download Whistleblowing Policy