At Steinweg, we specialise in providing logistics services for a diverse range of bulk and break bulk commodities destined for Southern Africa. With our extensive expertise and global network, we ensure seamless transportation and handling of your valuable cargo, facilitating efficient supply chains and contributing to your business’ success.

Our comprehensive portfolio of commodities includes:

Sulphur: A crucial element in various industries including agriculture, chemicals, and manufacturing.

Fertiliser: Fertilisers play a vital role in enhancing agricultural productivity, and we are committed to delivering these essential inputs to support the region’s farming communities.

Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS): As a key ingredient in industries such as water treatment, food processing, and pharmaceuticals, SMBS requires specialized handling and transport.

Nash: Nash, or Sodium Acetate Anhydrous, serves various industrial applications.

Bitumen: Whether for road construction or waterproofing applications, bitumen is a vital commodity in infrastructure development.

Mining Reagents: From flotation chemicals to cyanide and beyond, mining reagents are essential for extracting valuable minerals from ore.

Rice: A staple food for millions, rice demands careful handling and timely delivery to meet market demands.

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