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The handling, storage, repackaging and transportation of these products require additional care, often because of the properties of the goods. However with our well trained and certified employees, your goods will be in safe hands.
We have vast warehouse space capacity available for several types of chemical products, both for non dangerous as well as IMO classified types.
The construction and lay out varies between a "standard warehouse for chemicals" up to buildings appropriate for storage under the highest safety level (PGS-15).
It goes without saying that both our operational activities and the administrative support comply with the strict national and international legislation and regulations for handling, storage & transport of these goods. On top of international transport legislation such as IMO, ADR/RID and ICAO as well as the procedures and working instructions according to our ISO9001:2008 certification, we maintain an additional Safety Control System in order to protect the interest of our labour and the environment.
Main services in this division are activities related to:

  • Warehousing
  • Physical distribution & forwarding
  • Packing, repacking & debagging

Some of the additional services are:

  • Customs clearance facilities
  • Local, national and international container haulage
  • Marking (on request with barcoded labels)
  • Palletising
  • Wrapping

Extra information

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