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General Cargo

General cargoes such as boxed, crated, palletised materials falling outside of the commodity trade scope are also handled at a variety of Steinweg offices around the world.

In 2018, Hollands Veem B.V., Rotterdam  joined our group to complement the services already provided.

Hollands Veem BV has a 50 year track record in handling General Cargo, this service includes retail products (both food and non-food), wholesale
distribution for electronics and personal care products, but also containerized project cargo, complete production lines, luxury cars, machinery and semi-fabricated materials.

For these we operate specialized Container Depots /  Freight Stations for Cross Docking and buyers or sellers consols, with 30.000 m2 of storage space in Rotterdam and even larger surfaces in Dubai, Durban, Duisburg and Johannesburg.