One of our core activities is warehousing of a variety of commodities. Many of our warehouses are approved for the storage of commodities traded on the ‘London Metal Exchange’ (LME), ‘Intercontinental Exchange’ (ICE). Our facilities are fully recognized/accepted by major international banks and insurance companies. Our warehouse-receipts/warrants and releases are internationally accepted to facilitate financing and insurance of stocks held in our custody.

Area capacity: 130.000 m2 of which: 70.000 m2 of covered areas
LME and ICE approved.

Area capacity: 90.000 m2 of which 28.000 m2 covered
LME and ICE approved – Bonded and Fiscal authorised

Livorno (Leghorn)
Area capacity: 10.000 m2 of which 5.000 m2 covered
LME approved – Bonded and Fiscal authorised

Area capacity: 20.000 m2 of which 9.000 m2 covered area

Area capacity: 7.000 m2 open – 5.000 m2 covered
Bonded and Fiscal authorised.

Koper – Rijeka – Bar – Beograd – Alexandria – Casablanca – Thessaloniki
The ports of Koper, Rijeka, Bar, Beograd, Alexandria, Casablanca and Thessaloniki are public ports with a large storage capacity for both covered and open facilities.

Locations that support this service