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The name of C. Steinweg - Handelsveem has a strong ring in the Soft Commodity world for more than a century. Commodities like Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Ground- and Tree-nuts find their home in Steinweg’s warehouses all over the world, where they are handled with the care and expertise the business expects from a first class warehousing company like Steinweg.

The Steinweg Group operates an international network of ocean terminals and warehouses. Some of these companies are real specialists in the handling of Soft commodities, providing conditioned warehouses and offering value added services with the strictest regime on food safety and most importantly with the right people.

We are a pure logistics service provider. We add value through the supply chain by efficient cargo handling and solid logistic solutions. Additionally we act as the trusted warehouse keeper in collateral financing agreements and are a recognised partner for banks that are active in trade and commodity financing (TCF).

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